Frequently asked questions

Who can come and watch the Fun Run?

We encourage parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, and any other family members to come cheer on their child at the event. Spectators can be seated in the bleachers.

What are the funds raised by the Fun Run used for?

The funds go to help support numerous educational and family oriented activities through the school year. The PTO sponsors all field trips for students throughout the year, grants for staff, eqiupment for classrooms, services and opportunities for all students.

How can I volunteer to help?

Talk to your child's homeroom parent or email us at EdWhitePTA19@gmail.com.

Are the Fun Run shirts just for the kids in the event?

No. We encourage anyone attending the Fun Run to support their student, the school, and the fundraiser by ordering additional shirts. Click Here. There are also red and gray shirts available to purchase that are not used in the Fun Run but still provide money for the fundraiser. Shirts are available to purchase online until 10pm on September, 8th 2019.

Do I need to check in with the front desk if I am not a volunteer?

Homeroom parents can check in at the information table that is located on the high school track. All other volunteers can go straight to the high school track and find their table. You can find your class table on the course map.

Can I run with my child during the event?

Absolutely! We encourage it!

What is the Fun Run?

The Fun Run is our annual, one-time FUNdraising event that uses healthy, physical activity, to promote school spirit and secure the yearly budget. Our PTO sponsors many events: field trips, grants for our staff, equipment for classrooms, services and opportunities for all students. This day is successful because of school spirit, good citizenship, and student fundraising.

Where do I go to attend the event?

The event takes place at the high school track.

Can my company do matching funds?

We would love the opporunity to be considered for your company's matching funds. Please send an email to EdwardWhitePTA@gmail.com

Do you have a copy of the Fun Run 2019 Flyer?

Where do I purchase a Fun Run Shirt?

You are in the right place! Click Here to purchase your student's Fun Run shirt! They have youth and adult sizes. Yes, you can order matching shirts for yourself and all your spectators as well. These shirts are also used for this years field trips. What are the Red and Gray Shirts? They are optional shirts that you can order in addition to the Fun Run shirt. They are not the Fun Run class shirts.

I am a homeroom parent, now what?

Awesome, thank you for stepping up to volunteer. Please see the section Homeroom Parent by clicking here. On the day of the event, please go direclty to the information table located right as you enteer the high school track. Your class manilla envelope will be waiting for you there.

How do I raise money for this event?

Our School wide goal is to raise $20,000.00 to help support the numerous activities listed above throughout the year.

Your student will use the hour to make as many laps as they can around the high school track. They can walk, skip, run, dance, hop, or whatever they like to do around the track for this hour. Laps are tracked electronically each time your child makes it around the track.

Call your family and friends (no strangers!) and ask them to sponsor your child for each lap he/she makes around the track (example $0.25 for every lap counted).

Or a one-time flat donation of any dollar amount can be given to support your child. You may print out this pledge sheet to keep track of your student’s donation pledges. This sheet is for your records and does not need to be turned back in.

Don’t worry, we will collect money AFTER the Fun Run.