Fun Run Shirt

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6th Grade Exclusive "The Last Lap" Shirt

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If you ordered Safety Yellow/Green in Youth Extra Small you were given a Youth Small due to manufacturer being out of stock of YXS.
f you ordered 6th grade tie dyed adult large, you might have been given an adult XL due to limited quantities from the manufacturer.  
If you donated a shirt, that shirt most likely came home with you in your order. We thank you for your donation and ask that you or your child bring the donated shirt to the office. 
Other than the items listed above, if your order is incorrect please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to contact us. 

The Shirts

Shirts that make a difference

The first example is the official 2021fun run shirt. Your child has a color that is specific to their class. Click the link below and find their teacher's name to purchase.

The second example is an optional gear that raises additional funds for the PTA but is NOT the shirt for the fun run event. 

Size chart available at online store 

Optional Gear

Not to replace Fun Run event shirt. 
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Simple St. Patrick's Day Event Flyer-11.
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Simple St. Patrick's Day Event Flyer-10.